Truda have three factories at present, Queenstown, Pietermaritzburg and Cape Town. What brings these factories together are the dedicated staff that go the extra mile in order to provide only the best snacks.

Our people form the foundation of Truda and if we are to succeed then we all have to keep working together.

The factories run 24 hours a day, 6 days a week and it is the hardworking teams of the Truda stars that make this a possibility. We have so many snacks being created every second that we have to split up into teams so that we can check in on every single snack’s progress. The buck stops with Steve who has overall responsibility for production. Percy, Carlos and Chris head the teams at each of the factories. Our quality team, headed by Phey, Jonathan and Mike, are constantly making sure that each and every snack is up to our standards of excellence. Maureen is dedicated to ensuring that Truda remains a safe environment for all Truda staff and is always performing safety checks in and around the factories. Clive, Jaco and Pumeza keep a close eye on all factory processes by watching videos of the snacks being fried, puffed and flavoured.

Truda trucks are zooting around the entire country at all hours and it is up to our super smart logistics team to ensure that no snacks (or trucks!) get lost along the way. Tara, Sindi, Evarsisto and Carlos are responsible for checking and double checking that all trucks make it to their destination on time, so that you shouldn’t have to wait for your favourite pack of Truda snacks – where ever your taste buds are awaiting your favourite snack in South Africa!.

As we are always interested in employing new, dynamic members who want to join the Truda team, our HR department – headed by Hester and Juliet – are fully invested in helping more Truda stars achieve their goals. There are so many more Truda team players that are working hard to keep Truda an efficient, fun, and productive environment and unfortunately, we can’t mention all of them. Nonetheless, to everyone involved in the Truda Team, we salute you!

Truda may be a business, but we’d rather not look at it that way, we’d prefer to be friends and family and we have to keep doing whatever we can to nurture a happy, fun and friendly environment to ensure everyone prospers and grows.

“Business is the only mechanism on the planet today powerful enough to produce the changes necessary to reverse the environmental and societal degradation.” – Paul Barken