Our Brands

Established in 2003, Truda is still making fun snacks for fun people today! We take care in perfecting every little chip for your enjoyment and, with an amazing variety of different snacks and flavours, Truda will always have your favourite snack just when you want it.

  • Maginaks
  • Stanton Biggley
  • Go Slo Naks
  • Go Slo Puffs
  • Mini Slo's
  • Flyers
  • Spookies
  • Stylos
  • Snak Naks
  • Naks
  • Eesy Cheesy
  • Fly B’s
  • Big Mex
  • Razzel Dazzel
  • Bigga Naks
  • Chippa Naks
  • Cheese & Jives Popcorn